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    About Lahav

    LAHAV, the Israel Chamber of Independent Organizations and Businesses, was founded in 1983 to represent and promote the interests of the self-employed and small and medium businesses (SMB). Today, this sector in Israel numbers some over 450,000 independent breadwinners and entrepreneurs who employ over 1,000,000 salaried staff. In fact, the SMB sector constitutes 99% of all the businesses and employers in Israel, and thus is the main driver of the Israel’s economic growth. And yet, despite their numerical strength, the self-employed find themselves in a kind of a ‘no man’s land’, subject to exhausting bureaucracy and a hostile economic environment. As a body that represents the independents and the SMBs, LAHAV’s vision is to secure rights that equal those of salaried workers, and create a social safety net that supports the growth and prosperity of the entire economy. To this end, LAHAV is proactive in lobbying for more egalitarian legislation, promoting women in the independent business sector, and encouraging more positive attitudes among government bureaucracies towards independents and SMBs.

    LAHAV currently represents over 40 independent and professional organizations in Israel totaling some 200,000 members:

    Association of Travel Agencies & Consultants, Bar Association, Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Association of Insurance Brokers & Agents, Medical Association, Garage Association, Institute of Tax Consultants, Diamond Exchange, Translators Association, Pharmacists Association, Council of Optometrists, Institute of Certified Surveyors, Association of Electrical Contractors and Electrical Engineers, Insurance Adjusters Association, Association of Cinema and TV Workers, Real Estate Appraisers Association, Bureau of Private Investigators, Association of Impresarios & Producers, Association for Scientific Graphology, Association of Restaurants and Cafes, Association for Organizational Development, Bureau of Business Consultants, Screenwriters Guild, IT Systems Consultants Organization, Incoming Tour Operators Association, Financial Planners, Actors Association, Dentists Association, Union of Performing Artists, Bureau of Mortgage Brokers and Consultants, Association of Periodical Press, Association of Merchants and Independents, Umbrella Organization of Taxi Drivers and Owners, Driving Teachers Association, Cinema and TV Producers Association, Animators Union, Realtors Association, General Union of Writers, Association of Event Halls and Gardens, Naturopathic Association, Food and Groceries Forum, PR Association, Directors Union.

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